Crafting Smiles: A Journey of Passion

Dr Matin’s passionate journey in dentistry started at the age of 7 when he began pouring dental models in his father’s practice. As he grew up, being good at math led to effortless entry to civil engineering at university, but his heart was in dentistry as Ali always loved crafting with his hands. So, he left engineering behind and found his true calling in dentistry. Even though the path was changed, a part of him stayed an engineer which fits perfectly and helps him in the world of dentistry now!

Having graduated as a dentist in 2000, Ali loved and cherished every facet of dentistry – from patient interactions and cosmetic restorations to conducting surgical procedures. Moreover, he developed a knack for complex root canal treatments which has an added benefit for our patients, as it means they don’t have to be referred to specialists, saving them from enduring long waiting lists and incurring higher costs.

Over the years, Dr Matin endeavored to stay current with the progress of dental science and techniques by taking regular courses. Some of the notable ones encompass Cosmetic Dentistry in 2010, Dental Implants in 2011, Laser Dentistry in 2016, Osseo-densification (bone grafting for implants) in 2018, and Invisalign in 2019. Currently, Ali is very excited about preparing to commence his fellowship in Dental Sleep Medicine.

Dr Ali Matin began his clinic in Perth CBD in 2015 and has been working to balance his various interests ever since. Outside dentistry, he spends time with his young family and says “Playing tennis with my son and practicing the piano with my daughter make me feel younger!”
Dr Matin’s aspiration to create a positive impact beyond dentistry is embodied in “Hope for Relief“, a charitable association, he has recently established that demands substantial time & effort to crystalize the vision he holds for its future.

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