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Checks and Cleans

At Perth Prime Dental, we believe in prevention more than intervention and stress the importance of activities that will protect your teeth and gums in the long run.

Early detection of small cavities or oral health issues can make a big difference. A small filling is 10 times cheaper and easier than a painful tooth to fix and early detection of a soft tissue lesion can be life-saving! take action on your oral health and book an appointment today if you have had none in the last 12 months.

we do not follow the 6-month regular check for everyone! We recommend your regular check will be scheduled based on individual needs and  It may vary from 3 months for patients with gum disease to 12-18 months for people with very healthy teeth/gums. Brushing and flossing your teeth every day is critical to maintaining good oral health, but visiting the dentist is essential as well!

What You Can Expect

Our cheerful and compassionate team members will help you feel completely comfortable when you come in for your checkup. Here’s what you can expect at your appointment:

  • An evaluation of each tooth
  • A scale and clean
  • Oral hygiene advice
  • Screening for cancer or other oral diseases
  • A comprehensive treatment plan for what you may need