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Dental Extractions & Root Canal Treatments

Root Canal Treatments

Root canal treatment aims to save a tooth that has been badly damaged. When infection or inflammation is into the pulp( a small chamber inside the tooth containing the nerve and blood vessels) the root canal treatment becomes inevitable. This treatment removes dead tissues and infections from inside the tooth and seals it to avoid pain or infection again.

Tooth Extraction

  We always try to save our patients’ teeth but sometimes a tooth needs to be removed to maintain oral health. By extracting a tooth sometimes we also minimize pain and prevent an infection or bone loss.

Tooth extractions range from simple removal of a single tooth to the more complicated surgical removal of teeth.

Pain-free extractions

We understand some people really don’t like the dentist and suffer from anxiety. Our aim is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. You will feel at home as soon as you enter our front door. We have a range of sedation options from happy gas to sedation dentistry where you will feel like you’ve had a sleep!

Affordable In-house Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy becomes necessary when the soft tissue (also known as the pulp) inside the root canal of a tooth becomes infected or inflamed, causing the patient pain and discomfort.

Root canal therapy is no longer a major procedure, and Dr Matin’s expertise in this field means that the therapy can be completed in a session lasting as little as 30 – 45 minutes. We can also use advanced laser technology to ensure optimal comfort, convenience, and results for our patients – ask us before your appointment if you would like this option.

The Pain-free Approach to Treatment

Although root canal procedures have come a long way since the past, we understand some patients may still experience anxiety when having to undergo the treatment. This is why we offer a variety of sedation techniques to ensure the patient remains calm and relaxed during the procedure.

The patient can choose to have their root canal therapy done in-practice whilst under IV sedation, placing them in a conscious, yet highly relaxed state. Alternatively, if the patient would prefer to be placed under general anaesthetic, we are also able to perform the procedure at the local hospital in day surgery.